EA Fibre Master

General strategy:

Trend following based foreign exchange robot. EA Fibre Master always sets a StopLoss for each trade to safeguard the account, additionally to the clever Management Of Your Capital system that carefully determines buying and selling possibilities and also the appropriate lot size for all of them. EA Fibre Master may also trade fixed lots that are a choice for more stability.

✓ This EA is very profitable. ( Tested from 2003 up to date with highest 99% modelling quality ).

✓ EA Fibre Master v3 is not sensitive on brokers.

✓ EA Fibre Master v3 could trade successfully also with higher spreads.

✓ EA Fibre Master v3 is EAs friendly.

✓ Average trade time of EA Fibre Master is just 20 minutes.

✓ No Martingale.

✓ No Hedge.

✓ No grids or any other danger logic.

✓ This EA is truly profitable.

You can see backtests on real historical data from Dukascopy broker. Dukascopy is top quality and leading world class forex broker.

✓ Backtests are including real spread!

✓ Backtest are including $10 commission per trade!

✓ True backtest with real spreads and commissions included, really true backtest and not like other vendors do, because Forex signals 7 is a brand you can trust.

✓ Extremely low DD for many years in a really long period of time.

High Spread Filter

EA Fibre Master v3 have built in system forces the robot to cease your trading during broker's spreads widening as during summer and before the news. This can be stopped manually if not desired. You will be also able set up your maximum spread for an open position. When the spread is too high EA Fibre Master wait for an opportunity and when a spread is low EA will open a new position.

✓ Buy Enabled: This option can enable / disable BUY orders execution.

✓ Sell Enabled: This option can enable / disable SELL orders execution.

So If you use some fundamental analyses you can also set up your only favourite direction.

✓ MoneyManagement: This is a switch between automated money management where you can use a percentage of your account for each trade (if set to true) or manually setting a fixed your favourite trading lot size (if it is set to false).

✓ Fix Lot Size: If MoneyManagement option is set to false, here you can set the desired fixed trading lot size manually.

** Please note that Long trade risk and also Short trade risk refer to only ONE ­ trade.
✓ Maximum lot: This option determines the maximum lot size of the trades.
✓ Recovery mode: This option will help you to recover your loss trades.
✓ You can see also backtests in pictures file.
✓ Best result with honest ECN and low spreads Brokers.
✓ With EA Fibre Master v3 you can manage your risks in any way.
✓ For trading with EA Fibre Master v3, you will get also support 24/7.
Currency pair: EUR/USD

TF: M15

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