EA Amazon

General strategy:

Divergence trading + Support and resistance levels + Entry timing with price action strategies based foreign exchange robot. EA Amazon was developed from successful professional trader's forex strategy. EA Amazon always sets a StopLoss for each trade to keep your trading account safe from potential high DD.

✓ 3 Advanced divergencies combinations to confirm opportunity!

✓ Support and resistance levels to detect best opportunity for entry level

✓ Price action to find best entry and entry timing

✓ EA Amazon is the most reliable forex robot in the world with winning rate over 93% of trades.

✓ EA Amazon is profitable. ( Tested from 2003 up to date with highest 99% modelling quality ).

✓ EA Amazon is not sensitive on FOREX brokers.

✓ EA Amazon could trade successfully also even with higher spreads. But not too high spread is recommended.

✓ EA Amazon is EAs friendly.

✓ Average trade time of EA Amazon is just 30 minutes.

✓ No Martingale.

✓ No Hedge.

✓ No grids or any other danger logics.

✓ No grids or any other danger logics.

You can see backtests on real historical data from Dukascopy broker. H3 Dukascopy is top quality and one of leading world class forex brokers.

✓ Backtests are including real spread!

✓ Backtest trades are including $10 commission per trade!

✓ True backtest with real spreads and commissions included, really true backtest and not like other vendors do, because Forex signals 7 is a brand you could trust.

✓ Absolutely extremely low DD for many years in a really long period of time.

✓ Buy Enabled: This option can enable / disable BUY orders execution.

✓ Sell Enabled: This option can enable / disable SELL orders execution.

✓ So If you use some fundamental analyses from leading forex signals autorities you can also set up your only favourite trade direction.

✓ EA Amazon use fixed lot size for still higher trading account stability and low DD.

✓ Best recommended currency pair: EUR/USD

✓ TF: H4

✓ VPS is recommended

✓ Best with ATC US, ATC UK, Dukascopy Switzerland, Dukascopy Europe

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