• Andrew's Forex System

Andrew's Forex System

Dear Busy and Frustrated,

Looking for a fearless Forex system that just works, month after month?

A system that’s simpler?


Something like this:


Andrews Forex System can trade ANY currency pair and most brokers allow you

to trade 50 pairs or more…

And what if you were trading at 10 USD per pip..? Do the math!

My personally developed system:






Trading Less than an Hour a Day, Perfect for Busy People!






Money Management helps me To Trade Safely






Exploits how the Markets Actually Work....






Metatrader 4 Template and Indicators (Techie Bits Done For You)






This System is Proven – 100% Positive Feedback!!






And it’s Simple to Copy, Easy to Learn!

Looks pretty good, right?

OK, it’s fantastic – so WHY is this so rare?

Why is it that MOST private currency traders are actually LOSING money?

Yes, successful traders might say:

Because they’re the people we get OUR money from!”


But that’s not the REASON WHY it’s hard to regularly profit from Forex.

Let me explain…


Ever felt the currency markets are a rigged game?

Rigged against you?

Well, you’re right, they are!

Forget about the odd burst of good luck, or the occasional “No-Brainer” trade, and

think about the markets as a whole…

EVERYTHING about our modern Forex is designed to PREVENT YOU from knowing

what’s really going on, to MISLEAD YOU, to second guess you, and even triple guess


You’re SUPPOSED to lose your money – that’s their plan!

Whose plan? 

Pretty much everyone involved:



Politicians – happy to overheat and damage their economies in the long



term for quick votes






Central bankers (‘banksters’) snakes in the grass entwined with politicians,



pretending they’re somehow “independent” from politics (what a sick joke



that is!)






Mainstream media – G. Celente calls these hand-maidens of the state



Presstitutes” – and for good reason!

Even your own broker is quite likely to make trades against you, so think about this

for a moment…

Politicians will say all sorts of garbage to disguise the fact that 
they’re printing

money to buy votes. Then they claim “inflation” is some Act of God or something…

The Banksters go along with the various charades as they’re protecting their own

power and evenbailing out their banking buddies and all the time the press

makes breathless comments on the faux “news” that is ALSO designed to mislead

and misdirect you. 

And that’s just the US dollar! Other nations are doing the same too, so what does all

this mean?
It means that in the incredibly complex world of currency markets…


Watching the news, financial newsletters or using logic will NOT help you.

It’s like trying to use binoculars to see better… while they’re hitting you in the face

with a muddy shovel!

You need a much safer and smarter way to make steady money, something that’s

immune to their games and deception – meaning you can start leveraging

with confidence…

What you need is a plan, a PROVEN plan that works, so if you’re a frustrated

trader like I was, read this:

I’m going to reveal my simple system that’s taken me (and dozens of my customers)

from a curious gambler to a professional trader – and YOU can be this too!

You’ll also see a classic example of what happens if you get too greedy…

Give me a chance to tell you about it. If I can show you my system is as good as

I say, and as safe as I say, then simply give it a go, OK?

That’s just fair, so…


The “why” is because I don’t want you to “Do a Brody” – ever!

So what, or whom, is Brody?

He’s the guy who proved TO ME that you really can make a regular income from

Forex, while making your income bigger and BIGGER…

The simple lessons Brody taught me have changed my life.

I want to change YOUR life for the better too, so before offering this to you here on

my website, I needed to prove it…

I told you earlier that I sold 400 copies of this system on eBay, right?

Here’s the thing, thousands may try every day but you simply cannot give yourself a

good rating on eBay.com

Other people have to do that!

After all, Ebay owns Paypal; they know about security.

Only existing genuine eBay members who purchased the product with real money

can leave a review or rating…

So I sold the first 400 copies of my system on eBay.com!

I was sharing the love – and getting reviews and testimonials!

Positive feedback: 100%!

That’s almost unheard of for more than a handful of sales!!

Now look at the star ratings – 5 stars all the way baby!

You can also see I became an eBay member quite a few years ago, back in 2007 and havealways had a good standing and reputation.

I’m the real deal, I’ve have helped a lot of other people and I’m not going anywhere, OK?

I’m here for you, and now please, consider something else…

This isn’t a physical product like a $500 watch or a $2000 violin; this is downloadable software for MT4 and my Ebook.

What does that mean?

It means it’s a digital product

Which means it would be the easiest thing in the world for any unhappy customer to leave me a bad rating – and they wouldn’t even have to return my system!   

Instead many people 
just like you, tired of all the hype, stupid ‘robots’ and the ‘mastermind gurus’, purchased my system, tried it, loved it … and let me blow that trumpet again –100% Positive Feedback!

Here are just One Dozen of the testimonials received.


You can see I’m being straight with you here; I’m not claiming to be a

multi-millionaire or some kind of mega-tycoon, OK?

Think it could help a bit?

Obviously my system is valuable to you and it’s made me very “comfortable” but

I DON’T want to brag and strut around like a Rockefeller…

Why not, you might ask..?



Can you imagine having a gym buddy?

Someone to look up to and get you motivated?

How about a Forex “mentor”, someone already successful and teaching you the


For me Brody was BOTH – until he blew his money, destroyed his marriage – and

never showed his face at the gym again!

The very first time I met him he was bragging about his new car, a big white Lexus

SUV, his pretty wife and daughter peering out of it as he was telling our gym

manager about its 5.7 liter V8.

Paid cash.” he let me know, with a smirk.

Like his car, he was big. …and I soon found out Brody only really had 2 subjects he

liked to talk about,his muscles and his money…

Sure, he was impressive but in an annoying way, you know?

Couldn’t stop rubbing your face in it.

That’s NOT why am I calling him a loser, though.

Let me explain it – He’s a loser because…

He gave me enough clues about Forex – and made it sound easy enough – that I bought a book on Forex to learn about it myself.

Because he said it was easy, right?

The Forex is a tiger, will rip you up if you’re not careful? The secret is MAKE money, not risk it”

Then just 4 months later, two very important things happened…

After destroying a few trial accounts I was trading for real. You already know what happened there, I was soon losing more than I earned (yeah, “tiger”!)

But so did Brody!

One Thursday he just wasn’t there, later he canceled his membership.

Soon the gym was buzzing with gossip…

First, we heard he’d lost, BIG TIME while trading.

The first thing to go was the lovely Lexus, back to the dealers.

Within weeks the rumors said his marriage exploded, his wife ended up moving back to her mother’s with the daughter, the house was foreclosed – it was over for him.

There was some other gossip but I didn’t want to hear it really. I will say this though:

If someone is supporting a family by KNOWING the secret to making a safe, GROWING income from Forex, then they over-leverage and wipe themselves and their family out? Then yeah, that’s a loser in my book.

So just what WAS his secret, when he WAS ‘making bank’ regularly?

What were the rules he was following?

Before he tried to get too complicated and too clever for his own good?

I couldn’t – and didn’t want to – ask Brody himself!

So I kept looking for Brody’s secret to reliable wealth from Forex, and…

The More I learned the MORE Complicated My Tools Got...

Experimenting with “robots” and “formulas” I found that every now and then I could make real money, great money, awesome money!

And I LOST it or SPENT it even faster!

I didn’t realize at the time - I was already starting to make Brody’s mistake!

So I bought more tools, another paperback, and yet another robot…

Talking of robots, remember that scene in Robocop?

You have 3 seconds to comply…”

Forex ‘robots’ require you leave your computer on, connected at all times.

You have 2 seconds to comply…”

But what if you suffer a simple power cut?

Or an internet outage?

You could end up like Brody, in a financial body bag!

Now listen…

I said 2 important things happened around this time – the other one was the birth

of my first child, Angela.

More about Andrew's system continue read here:  http://forexsignals7.com/pdf/Andrew.pdf

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