• Forex Secret Protocol + 6 months trade with Toshko Raychev

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and more consistently, than any system ever created... 

It is far more than just a Forex "system", it is a complete trading protocol which when

followed, could make you rich... very quickly. 

Please keep an open mind because this method of trading is unlike any

Forex system you have ever seen.

It is the brain child of one of the greatest traders to ever live. Tens of thousands follow him on social media and cling to his every word. 

He has the ability to take money out of the Forex market at will. Those that he has taught his Forex breakthrough to... have seen their profits soar. 

Unlike any other system for trading that has come before it, you will be amazed by this completely new way to trade Forex. 

I assure you that you have never seen anything remotely similar to what you are about to discover. 

This will change how you look at trading Forex forever. 

Toshko Raychev is a three time champion in the largest independent trading competition in the world. These are his one month gains... 

  • 651.50% In One Month

  • 809.09% In One Month

  • 118.63% In One Month

Toshko Raychev

Dear friend, 

I am writing you today about something of great importance. Something that could change your life. So please pay close attention to what I have to share with you. This could very well be the most important thing you will ever read where your financial future is concerned. 

This is not another get rich quick scheme. It will not make you money while you sleep or without any effort on your part. 

It could however, make you rich... very quickly.

Hi my name is Toshko Raychev and I am from Bulgaria. You may find my story a bit unusual. It's a story of determination, getting back up after I was knocked down and coming out on top. 

What I will share with you today is a proven method of trading the largest, most liquid, market in the world which makes me a very good living with only my computer and an Internet connection. Working just a couple hours a day from anywhere in the world I choose to be. 

I believe trading Forex is the easiest way on earth to make as much money as you want in the least amount of time. Because I do it every day without breaking a sweat. I have taught others how to do it and today, I will show you how you too can have a permanent ace up your sleeve where you could make as much as you want, anytime you want. 

I know why you may be losing...

If you have been trading, and not making money, or even worse, losing money, it's not your fault. Most, some even say up to 98% of people who trade Forex, do lose. 

But you don't have to anymore... 

Here's the big problem: 

Every system that I am aware of today is seriously outdated in my opinion. Ask anyone who trades, and has for 4 or 5 years, and they will tell you it's harder to make money than it used to be. The market has changed. 

Yet systems haven't really changed in many years. They are all basically the same few concepts that have been used forever with different names and packaging. 

  • The reason so many traders lose money in the Forex market is because they are using outdated and antiquated systems.

  • The old methods of trading no longer work.

I know it may be difficult to believe you can turn it all around in a couple of days and become highly profitable. I assure you it's not. This is unlike any other system for trading you have ever seen. 

"This Is The Biggest Advancement In Trading 
Since The Home Computer" 

Toshko Raychev

I want to get this out in the open right from the beginning: 

  • I am a full time Forex trader.

  • I am not a marketer.

  • I am not an actor.

The system I am going to tell you about today is the system I use to trade the market with every day. Everything you are going to see is real. 

Lies, Lies Lies...

I am as sick and tired of the lies and deceit some people use to sell us traders worthless systems as you are.Like many of you I have fallen victim to these outright scams. 

Although over 20,000 traders closely follow my signals on social media and I have taught more than 3,000 people how to trade more profitably, I realize you may not know me. That is why I will back up everything I tell you with indisputable proof. 

The problem with most every system I tried is they just didn't work. I paid good money for many of these and all they did was lose me money. 

Maybe you are in the same boat... 

And you may be a bit skeptical when I say this system is different, it is highly profitable and can work for you. I don't blame you. That's what every system says. 

Even the best systems don't seem to work anymore... 

Like I said, things are different now. It's harder to be profitable. 

The system I have created and that you are about to learn has taken years to develop. It uses multiple indicators unlike any you have ever seen. It gives you the ability to enter trades with complete and total confidence. 

  • You will see good setups miles ahead of other traders.

  • It has the highest win rate of any system you have ever seen.

  • This system is so advanced you will be closing your trades with a big fat profit while others are still struggling to find an entry point.

  • Three advanced specially coded custom indicators which use very unique calculations for their values can see good setups long before any other system can.

It has not always been that way for me however... 

I took a very real beating in more ways than one to get to where I am today. But what I learned along the way, and want to share with you today, could make the journey to great wealth and freedom fast and easy for you. 

That's because I have already done all the hard work. I have done years of research, hundreds of hours of testing - only to have the market beat me to a pulp with many failures along the way. 

I've done all the hard work so you don't have to do anything more than follow a simple to learn, and 100% proven system for creating wealth unlike any other in the world. 

Imagine for a minute that every month your account grew by at least 100%. What would it mean to you? To your future? How many years would it be before you could retire? How long would it be until you were living the life you have always hoped for? 

Think about it... 

  • Never worrying about money again.

  • Working when you want and never more than a few hours a day.

  • Paying cash for things others take years to pay for. Like cars, boats, even a house.

  • Never commuting to a job again.

  • Working from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

  • Taking long and expensive vacations with not a care in the world about how much it costs.

  • Telling your kids they can go to any college they want.

  • Giving generously to your favorite charity without a second thought.

  • Seeing the look on your neighbors face when you pull up in a car that costs more than their house.

  • Paying cash for a beach house, a condo in the mountains or whatever else floats your boat.

Until now these may have seemed impossible. Even just a far off dream. 

In just a minute I will show you that not only are these dreams achievable, I am going to show you how to make it happen almost overnight. 

I'll prove that 100% plus monthly gains are possible using this breakthrough system. I have done it. 

I Have Not Always Been A Forex Trader. I Am A 
Black Belt And National Champion In Karate. 

I have spent years training in the martial arts. You will be shocked to learn that what I have learned from Karate could make you more money than you ever imagined trading Forex. And how quickly it can happen. 

Let me tell you a story... 

After years of training in Karate I eventually competed in a national Karate championship. Very early in the day, during my second fight, I broke my leg. It hurt like hell but I still won the fight. 

I suppose most people would throw in the towel at that point. I was young, stubborn and could smell victory and wanted it more than anything. I convinced the doctors and judges to let me continue. After winning my second to the last fight, I was a mess. Broken leg, cracked ribs, cuts over my eye. But I won that fight also. 

They would not let me continue to the last fight though. They said I was in too bad of condition to continue. I was heartbroken. I had come so close. 

It took a year for my battered body to heal. 

That year I trained harder than I ever had in my life. As my broken body recovered, I set about training my mind to win. Learning secret fighting techniques and protocols of karate masters. I was determined to win the next competition. I would not let anything stop me. 

When the next national tournament came I was prepared to be undefeatable at every level. I had busted my ass and done everything possible to prepare myself to win. 

I had made up my mind that no other outcome was acceptable or possible. 

And win I did. 

No one could lay a hand on me. I won first place in the national Karate championship and didn't have a scratch on me. 

"Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can." - Bruce Lee 

I knew I would win that day before I even stepped foot into the ring. 

I had achieved my goal and it felt fantastic. It taught me the power of commitment and determination. 

That you can achieve anything you desire if you want it bad enough and are willing to do what it takes to get it. 

A couple of years later a friend of mine told me about Forex trading. As I dug deeper into the information I could find online, I could see this was a way to make a lot of money. After all, almost 4 trillion dollars is traded daily. I read about Forex traders who make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single month. So I studied Forex hard with the same determination I had toward Karate. 

And soon I was actually making a little money. But the other shoe was about to drop... 

Just as I was thinking I would soon be making a decent living trading, just like in the first karate tournament, I started taking a beating. A financial beating. It made a broken leg and a few cracked ribs seem like a walk in the park. 

I Lost A Lot Of Money In The Blink Of An Eye.

Just as with Karate, I knew the answer had to lie in knowledge and training. So I continued to learn everything I could find. I ravenously devoured any information I could find on trading. 

Everything I found seemed to be the same systems and techniques with just minor differences. It was like all Forex systems were basically the same. And the people in the forums that were using them were not making any real money, most were losing. 

I came to the conclusion that even though the market had changed drastically over the past several years, the way people traded had not. With all the advancements in technology no one had really put technology to work to find a new and better way to trade Forex. 

To look at more information that would identify good setups faster... 

Let me explain something about Karate. It's not just about learning some kicks and punches and practicing them. Karate is about following exact protocols. From the moment you enter the dojo everything is done a certain way. No exception. 

I knew there must also be an exact protocol for trading Forex, which if followed, would result in more winning trades and less losers. 

I started thinking about what karate had taught me. Not how to kick someone in the head but the deeper, more important mind level stuff every true Karate master knows is the real magic behind their mojo. 

More about Forex Secret Protocol continue read here : http://forexsignals7.com/pdf/Toshko.pdf

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