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President Donald Trump marked the six-month anniversary of his tax-cut law on Friday, as he also mourned victims of a shooting attack at a newspaper office in Maryland.


Trump held a White House ceremony for the tax law he signed in December, saying the U.S. “at last” has a “pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family and pro-American” tax code. Trump noted, as he often does when discussing the law, that no Democrats voted for the measure last year.

The law is proving unpopular with voters, meanwhile, as the midterm elections approach in November. The latest RealClearPolitics average of polls shows just 36% approve of the law, while about 43% disapprove.

Opinion: Yes, corporations have brought home cash after the tax cut, but they haven’t put it to work.

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U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks celebrating six months since he signed tax cut legislation.  


Trump said a shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday “shocked the conscience of our nation.” Four reporters and a sales assistant were killed by a gunman at the paper, a property of the Tronc-owned Baltimore Sun Media Group.

The president had ignored questions shouted by reporters on Thursday about the incident. At the beginning of the tax event, he said “journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job.” He made no comments about gun-control measures during the event.

Read: Suspect in ‘targeted’ Annapolis shooting said to have vendetta against the newspaper.

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